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Dos and Don'ts for Business: Mom & Pop to Corporate

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Do: Set the intention of your event first.

Don't: Wait until the last minute to start planning the event. Whether it is a job fair or a trade show, you need plenty of time to plan, budget, allocate other resources, secure help etc... Don't wait until the last minute to start planning.

Do: Use your imagination, think outside the box. Just because an event is for business does not mean it has to be dry and boring. Use your imagination to come up with something new and inventive but that fits the intentions of the event you are designing.

Don't: Go over budget, don't let the CEO or other executives dictate details just to throw a "bone" to family and friends who run service industries.

Do: Get the CEO's expectations on paper so that there is no discord between the goals of the event as you have interrupted and what the CEO really wants.

Don't: forget to get invoices for vendors submitted early because accounts payable can drag their feet.

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