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The holidays, yes those holidays, there is only: 65 days until Halloween, 90 days until Thanksgiving and 120 days until Christmas, not long at all. Plus, school has started and you could be "back to work" either by actually going into an office or at least working a full day without having to stop and see why the house is so quite.

So far, it is looking like the holidays this year will be more normal than last year. That also means more stress. Don't let family gatherings be a time of dread or stress, because we can help with tables, decor, we can recommend menus or caterers, clothes, even seating charts.

The trick to make family holidays the best they can be is to serve holiday food that is traditional in the family because this will bring back happy memories, stories and even if it's not the healthiest of foods, it will be sharing tradition which is important. Another trick is to compose a family photo montage to play on your tv or a computer. This will give people something to watch and talk about while the cooking is going on. Be sure and call family members and get as many photos as you can, unless you are the "photographer" for family events, then you have them all. Be sure and include games outside if weather permits especially if you have children or adults in your family that are always full of nervous energy. In fact, running outside games is a great job

for an adult that can't sit still. One of my favorite holiday get together activities or "tricks" is to buy a bunch of those disposable cameras and put them in a basket by the door everyone comes in. Put a sign "Grab a camera and take pictures" and then have a basket by the door everyone will leave by and put a sign "drop camera here", this is just a great way to get even more photos and get interesting perspectives. Another must that I always do is give everyone a pen and paper and have them write their favorite memories from holidays past. The photos and writings make super cute books for family gifts either for Christmas or birthdays.

Holiday gatherings can be extremely stressful for some, but they don't have to be.

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