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The Beauty of Fall Events

Most people when they think of weddings or employee appreciation events they think of Spring and Summer. I am here to tell you, Fall or Autumn depending on your location on a map, is really the best!

Why? Several reasons, the temperatures can be cooler without the humidity, the colors and themes are more unique and the costs can be lower.

Bridal showers, weddings, employee appreciation events or business open houses really are better in the fall.

For a Bridal shower or wedding the main event can be held in the middle of the day, with the reception afterwards. Holding your events during the day and not at night is a big money savings! You save money because the meal is smaller, the venue is most likely cheaper, staffing if required is cheaper, and your guests who live close enough to drive but don't drive at night, can come and go home without a hotel.

Fall or Autumn decor for a bridal shower or wedding is do beautiful. You have deep rich colors of gold yellow, browns of all shades, mossy greens and burgundies. This year, 2021, the colors are all jewel tones which means you get that shine and luxuriousness that you don't get with matte versions. These colors mixed with natural elements such as grasses, pinecones, cotton and dried flowers of all kinds give off a warmth that fresh flowers don't do.

If you are planning on doing favors for your guests, the possibilities are endless but one of the best is a small clear box with s'mores makings inside. Other ideas could include a fresh pinecone dipped in soy wax and topped with a wick, a fall mix of potpourri even a tea blend in a special personalized tea bag.

Food can be warmer, and heavier in the Fall as well. The lunch reception could be a BBQ, a gumbo or other types of heavier types of dishes. Or if you do only

hor d'oeuvres again you can do a heavier more filling options, stuffed mushrooms, stuffed grape leaves and much much more.

The same goes for employee appreciation events, fall/autumn beats out spring and summer hands down. For a lot of the same reasons as wedding plus the heat not being as bad you will get better participation and not have to worry about heat stroke.

My event channel will have a video up soon showing some options for Fall bridal showers or just a luncheon for a group of friends or employees. Subscribe to my channel and click the little bell so you don't miss out.

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