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Postcards For Memories

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Using postcards to record your memories is amazing! Postcards are great because you can get one for every place you visit, even multiple different ones. Then you simply date them the day you are there and write about your experiences. After you get all of your memories recorded, then simply put them in a postcard holder notebook. You can separate the postcards by locations or vacations or dates, the possibilities are endless.

The great thing about using postcards to record your memories is that you can write all of your memories that same day, there is no cutting, gluing or decorating. No worrying about if you have the right size, just buy multiple cards. Also there is no worrying about it getting too big or if signatures are going to fall out, etc...

If you want to record memories but are not into collecting the other bits of paper that are tickets, photos, and more than using postcards is a great way. If you did want to save a special ticket or print or purchased a cute photo of the memory you want to keep, you could also put two postcards of the location together using tape or glue and make a pocket. Then after you save what you want to, then store inside a postcard keeper as you do the ones you just write on.

This type of memory recording not only works for vacations and special trips, etc... it is also great for weddings and sharing just special days.

Also weddings just got more fun, have postcards and pens at every table. The postcards can be of the bride and groom now or when they were kids, maybe a school if they went to school together, maybe the location of the wedding or a special place in another state or country. Have everyone write a wish for the couple, a memory or a favorite recipe for the future couple. This adds a bit of whimsy and again, the postcards are so fun and easy store. If you have extras, guests could also record their time at your wedding for themselves!

Also, when my husband had his stroke, I started doing this when we would do anything even close to our house. We went to the flower fields, which was just a quick hour visit and I bought a postcard and just wrote about the time we spent together because it was so special. That is one thing using the postcard method does, it makes you just focus on what's important and not all of the flair.

So start looking for those inexpensive postcards while you are out and about or make your own, because something so small can have a huge impact!

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