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Launched: Events To Go

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Whether you are an individual, business or nonprofit our Events To Go is for you! Events To Go is better than Taco Tuesdays! Events To Go are your fully customized event, whether it is a wedding, birthday or proposal, or a corporate trade show or conference or a nonprofit gala all in a To Go option.

Contact us with the date(s), location, attendance, overall goals and we will design your event just as if we were there in person. This option is great for clients in other states (you get our expert care with raking up the expenses of airline travel, hotels, transportation and food. This option is also great for those still practicing some form of pandemic protocol.

Simply pick this option and schedule your zoom event informational meeting where we will meet and get all of the necessary info about your dream event and how our Events To Go can help make your dreams a reality.

We are also working to add a Fashion consultant to our information team so that if you have questions about what to wear, we will have an expert on hand to help and make sure the information you receive is the most up to date possible.

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