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Gearing Up For Spring Fundraising Events

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Are you in charge of raising funds for your nonprofit? Now, Fall is the time to start planning all those Spring events.

First decide what are you doing to raise funds? Now I know some of you are going wait, what about holiday fundraising? Yes, that is and should be going on now BUT the inspo planning and event layout should have started way back in the winter months (January - February).

Any event you plan on holding for fundraising, you should always give yourself a year leads time. By giving yourself a year, you allow for any and all upsets, and especially now in pandemic times you have to allow for shortages. Shortages of all things.

Ok so, what are your spring fundraiser goals? Are you and your organization looking to do something different than has been done before? Are you pulled towards a similar event to one you attended in another city? state?

Spring is the perfect time for fundraiser gold tournaments, seminars, mystery dinners, large scale scavenger hunts? Maybe something different? Lets say for planning sake, you have decide to hold your first fundraiser golf tournament. What is your fundraising goal? If you are holding a golf tournament, where are you going to hold it and how much is the total cost associated with that particular location? After picking out your location, what are the other costs associated with the golf tournament? For instance, insurance, green fees, rental fees, golf cart fees, caddies (if needed), chair and table rentals, audio/visual equipment rentals, leaderboard rental, driving range fee, cleaning fees and other fees.

Besides fees associated with the facility you will also have expenses for the Tournament, advertising expenses and sponsorship expenses. Once you breakdown these expenses you will want to add in other moneymaking activities for your tournament. Not only will these activities add income but add interest and excitement to your tournament.

Extra contests/activities that you can add: a hole in one, a putting contest, a driving contest and mulligans and more. For visitors you could also have some fun side contests.

Don't forget volunteers and training your volunteers! Also sponsors! Sponsors will help increase your bottom line. Start reaching out for sponsorships as soon as you have your plan in place, even if your event is a year away. Sometimes, a business has to approve sponsorships months in advance. Also if a business's fiscal year changes before your event, that might play into your favor because a lot of businesses only have so much money a year that is marked for sponsorships.

Besides money for sponsorships you will need physical supplies and it is so important in this pandemic world that you give your events plenty of time for physical items to arrive. There are shortages in supply lines in almost every type of hard good and the experts say that shortages will not straighten out for at least a couple of years.

If you are hosting an event, especially a fundraising event for a nonprofit make sure you start your planning early and take in to consideration the supply chain issues that are now a part of our world.

Heres to Happy Event Planning!! If you need our help, please choose a package and reach out! If you don't see a package that meets your needs, email us.

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