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Event design dos and don’ts

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Do: Set the intention of the event whether it is a zen wedding, a princess birthday or whatever, set the intention from the very Beginning.

Do Not: Discuss layout, decor, food or anything else until the intention of the event is set. (Yes it is that important to state it 2 ways.)

Do: Go over your budget 3 times before committing to a venue, vendors and other items.

Don't: Overspend. Stick to your budget unless what you want to add is a what I call a "brain decision" and not an emotional one. "Brain Decisions" might include a video of a parent or grandparent who was important in your life and is no longer with you to celebrate the event. You lost a very sentimental item a long time ago or your potential spouse did and you want to replace it... those are "Brain Decisions". Emotional decisions are I want red roses instead of white carnations because the xyz influencer had red roses. I want the most expensive 12 tier birthday cake because I am 21 and you are only 21 once.

Do: Make sure your event whether it is a wedding, birthday or whatever whether it is for yourself, a special person or a client is what is wanted and expected. The biggest let down is having a vision of one thing and getting something totally different. If a client's budget does not match expectations, DO a visual layout of representational items that the budget can afford.

Don't: Over promise and under deliver. It hurts love, friendships and business.

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